Rice Milling HACCP standards

Rice Milling HACCP standards of the Japan Rice Millers Association set forth comprehensive process management requirements for rice milling plants in order to ensure food safety and manage quality control, hygiene control, food protection, etc., based on the HACCP method which meets the CODEX guidelines.

Manufacturing process management

Rice Milling HACCP is comprehensive process management, based on the method of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) that is an international standard for food safety assurance, to ensure milled rice safety and provide quality control, hygiene control and contamination prevention control at rice milling plants.

The following are major processes of rice milling plants, from raw material acceptance to product shipment.

Receipt of goods, storage, and transport to the plant

Brown rice received from farms is stored under controlled temperature and humidity.

Brown rice is brought into the milling plant.

Removal of impurities mixed with brown rice

Items other than rice, such as pebbles, grass seeds, and trash, are removed.

Rice milling

Rice is milled carefully so that the original taste and aroma of rice will not be damaged.

To prevent loss of flavor in this process, temperature is controlled by suppressing heat from friction etc., and rice flow volume and pressure on rice are controlled depending on the quality of the rice.

Removal of impurities from milled rice

Rice bran lumps and broken rice (rice grain chipped during processing) are removed.

Metals, colored rice grains, glass, pebbles, etc. are removed.

In this process, materials that lower the flavor or that may impair health are removed to achieve perfectly milled and uniform rice grains (final product).
(CCP (Critical Control Point) 1):


The product is measured and packaged accurately to match the stated product content.


Metal detection (CCP 2)

After packaging, the contents are double checked thoroughly for metal contamination, and final confirmation of product safety is made.


Quality is inspected after packaging. Products that pass the inspection are shipped to their destinations.

HACCP Certification Mark

The “HACCP Certification Mark” indicates that the safety of the product as food is assured and that the high quality of the milled rice has been confirmed.
Once Milled Rice HACCP certification has been obtained, the “HACCP Certification Mark” can be displayed on the left of the package made for the milled rice.